History repeats, “Life-threatening conditions irrespective of medical advancements have no cure”. The disease conditions have changed over the years. Life-threatening Diseases of the past have still no cure irrespective of medical advances. But, we have conquered these by preventing it. The adage “Prevention is better than Cure” still stands strong. ‘Sickness breeds only Sickness’, and ‘Health breeds Health’.

Optimal Health or Wellness

Optimal health is not mere the absence of disease; but a state of complete physical, mental, social, economical and spiritual well-being. Optimal health is a relative phase of health and is so dynamic that it varies with individuals, environmental conditions and time. Optimal health can be termed as “Wellness”. There are different levels of wellness ranging from low levels to highest levels. To understand this, one should know the life process. Birth and death of any living organism is destined, but the period in between is called “life” and is in our own hands. The way we live is our own making. Once the life starts, it’s always a balance between sickness and wellness. Sickness takes us to horrible life – hell, while wellness takes us to success - heaven.

People of all ages are becoming more proactive about their health with renewed realization that it is much easier to protect one’s health than trying to regain it after it’s been lost. No longer are we concerned with the length of life—we want quality of life!

But where does one turn for solid, trustworthy, medical guidance?

As traditional medicine becomes more and more impersonalized under bottom-line pressure, consumers must seek out resources that will inform and equip them for their own health and as caregivers. “People want partnerships with a Holistic (integrated) system of medicine”. Thus the formulation of Holicare Wellness Center to complement the conventional treatments.

Holicare Wellness Center

Holicare Wellness Center has been formulated after years of research and experience in the field of health and Chronic Diseases management. Here we exploit the scientific advancements in cellular biology, and biotechnology and combine with conventional medical systems (Alopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy) Nutritional medicine, Physical medicine and Alternative Therapies. With our specific and proven personalized wellness management program, we aim to –

  • Prevent diseases
  • Arrest progress of diseases
  • Prevent complications of diseases and treatment
  • Reverse the process of Degenerative Diseases

Thus help people “to walk back to optimal health by controlling/preventing all Chronic and Degenerative Diseases”.

Hypothesis of Healing

At Holicare Wellness Center, we believe it is vital for our clients to develop a sound perspective on health and well-being. For this reason, we include here a summary of the approach used at Holicare Wellness Center that determine if this approach makes sense or ‘rings true’.

The Right Medicine

It is the use of the most appropriate medicine or therapy to address the individual specific issue that is the most effective. It is therefore essential to work with an approach that integrates the many different medicine philosophies and therapies in a scientifically derived framework. To work without such a ‘plan’ is essentially trial and error medicine, usually very expensive and generally ineffective.

System of Healing

Our system of healing is based on the principles of balance or wholeness. This principle is governed by a universal observation that all life forms tend to organize themselves for optimum functioning and wellness. This is only altered if there is an interference of some sort and then a symptom or illness or pathology develops as a consequence. Physical illness arises from physical imbalances within the body which arise from imbalances at an energetic level, which arise from imbalances at ever higher energetic levels, as we shall see. These imbalances prevent our ‘life force’ or ‘organizing tendency’ from flowing optimally and freely. The symptoms of disease are seen as the body’s effort at self-healing and self-correction.

People are often alerted to focus on their health after uncomfortable symptoms arise. When our physical and emotional symptoms surface, the body is expressing a need for protection. Either it has been abused or traumatized or it is alerting us to an imbalance. Every symptom is expressed for a reason. A body that functions in harmony, (with sufficient nutrition, air and elimination), does not express symptoms.


We view health as a balanced integration of mind, body, spirit and environment. Each person is responsible for his/her own health and his/her own evolution toward a greater level of zest, vitality and well-being.


Wellness is a process of moving towards a positive state: a greater sense of awareness of, and satisfaction from, engaging in activities that move us there. This includes: better fitness, good nutrition, positive relationships, stress management, a life purpose, a consistent belief system, commitment to self-care and environmental sensitivity and comfort.

Partners in Healing

The approach of conventional western medicine is that the system of healing involves medications or procedures that are primarily designed to address symptom relief, more so than dealing with the complexity of the root causes of the symptoms. In our society, we have accepted this approach because it addresses our discomfort. Conventional medicine does have an important place in healing, but one must view other ‘alternative therapies’ as partners in the goal of healing.

At HWC our approach is to facilitate the healing process by completing a thorough holistic ‘Comprehensive Assessment’. We evaluate a person’s health with a variety of methods, considering the individual as a whole along with advanced medical technology created for alternative as well as conventional healing systems.

Healing involves viewing the person as a complex, multi-layered individual, whose experiences, behaviors and internal and external environments have contributed to his/her current state of health. Healing, therefore, occurs at different levels. In basic terminology, healing can happen at physical, energetic, emotional/mental, sub-conscious and spiritual levels.