What is Handwriting Analysis?

Handwriting is not just a process of writing your thoughts and feelings on paper. It is what you consciously thing, yet is motivated by a subconscious ideomotor response reflecting your behavior and personality traits.

It will grow, mature and change as your personality does. It reflects moods and the emotional state at the time written. As we get older or sick your handwriting will vary in style.

Handwriting analysis is always a process of confirming and negating the traits shown. Contradicting traits may minimize how behavior is seen, while confirming traits will exaggerate behavior.

A handwriting sample will show the

  • writers motivation
  • personality
  • current or future behavior
  • mood of the moment
  • suggestibility and sexuality
  • emotional state of mind and life script.
Graphology Therapy

Graphology means change your handwriting to change your life.

It is a science of improving your persona by making conscious changes to letter formations in your handwriting.

In this talk, you will be introduced to how your brain is attuned neurologically via the finger movements and re-align the same, since alphabets are written in a new way.

Your brain is rather like plastic and changes with the experiences of your life. Your handwriting reveals how your brain is wired. When you change your handwriting through graphology, you will learn to change your brain and your experiences in a positive direction.

Graphology is transformational. It delineates exactly how you eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors, smooth your rough edges, dissolve your fears, lower your walls, and evolve into the person you always knew you could be if only you could “be true to yourself”.

Scientific Validity

Handwriting Analysis is an old practice which, as in many other fields, modern science is coming closer to validating.

The brain still holds many secrets concerning its workings, but functional MRI brain scans are revealing information that is ground breaking. Functional MRI’s give us pictures of the brains electrical activity as never before, what activity is occurring in the brain, where, and to what stimuli.

Neural cartographers are identifying not only the regions responsible for general functions but that it is possible to train the brain, and that one of the ways we do is through the use of our hands.


Aswin Sarang

ThetaHealing Practitioner | Bio-Well Specialist